Hostels I stayed at in N. Ireland, Donegal, and Liverpool

Omagh Independent Hostel. Located a few miles north of town. Lots and lots of space for guests including a kitchen/eating area and large enclosed porch. Good well equipped kitchen, very friendly owners. Laundry facilities very cheap. Rooms with few beds didn't cost more than rooms with lots of bunks. Bike stayed warm and dry in porch area. Main downsides were that it was very cold at nights in October (radiators didn't put out much heat and seemed to turn off at 9pm) and some of the rooms smelled like urine.

Donegal Town Independent Hostel. Located about a mile out of town. Had TV/lounge room for guests. Smoking seemed to be allowed everywhere so unpleasant for non-smokers. Good well equipped kitchen, very friendly owners. Bike stayed outside under overhanging roof; there was supposedly a shed but I didn't see anything appropriate for a bike.

Derry YHA Youth Hostel. Big youth hostel right in the heart of town. Very small lounge area. Had games room. Big kitchen, but very badly equipped (few pots & pans). Bike stayed in left luggage room with big windows, in full view of street.

White Park Bay YHA Youth Hostel. Very nice youth hostel near Giant's Causeway. Good well equipped kitchen, large clean area to eat food & socialize. All rooms had attached bathroom with shower. Bike stayed safe & sound in locked bike shed.

Cushendall YHA Youth Hostel. Had TV/lounge, good well equipped kitchen, separate room with tables to eat food. Just a short distance out of Cushendall. Bike stayed in locked storage building with life jackets and rental bikes.

Belfast YHA Youth Hostel. Rooms had sink in corner. Separate toilets had no sink in them, so you had to go back to your room with dirty hands, and then possibly disturb everyone in the room as you washed up your hands. No kitchen, but did have cafeteria serving meals which doubled as a TV/lounge room. Bike stayed warm and dry, locked to railing at the bottom of the stairs.

Liverpool YHA Youth Hostel. Rooms had complete en-suite bathrooms. Nice cafeteria, also had self-catering kitchen that I didn't check out. Beatles decorations all over, except in cafe which had American nostalgia. Bike stayed in locked bike shed.

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