Petite Bike Specs

(Geometry and Addresses below)

By Chris Juden. This accompanies the Petite Bike Test article.

A complete specification is given of each of the bicycles specially provided for the test. (I do not provide these details for the participants' bikes because they are all a year or two old and hence many of their components will no longer be obtainable.)

In these specifications the following abbreviations are used.

FRAME Features
V130 Vertical rear dropouts and width in mm of space between to fit hub.
Fa126 Forward-facing dropouts with adjusters and width as above.
D/D Double eyes on front/rear dropouts.
S/D Single front / double rear eyes.
S+/D + indicates extra eyes for front mudguard partway up forks.
M Direct attachment of mudguard via threaded holes in chainstay and seatstay bridges.
Cr Carrier eyes on seatstays for rear 4-point fixing.
Ls Fork bosses for Lowrider carrier, standard-type with loop stay over wheel.
Lc As above but for Custom Lowrider (standard also fits).
B Bottle cage bosses, 2B for two sets, etc.
Fl Lamp boss (old style) on fork.
Dyno All necessary brackets and wiring holes etc. for dynamo lighting system.
Clearances Front/rear clearances in mm measured outwards from the rim bead seat (about 5mm below the rim edge) to the frame. A clearance of 52mm provides a space of about 20mm above a 32mm tyre, for the fitting of a mudguard.

WHEELS The number of spokes in the wheel and number of crossings is indicated thus: 36x3 (front/rear if different). Spoke gauge and material is also given e.g.
pg plain gauge
sb single butted (thicker at the hub end)
db double butted (thinned in the middle)
tb triple butted (thinned in the middle and thicker at the hub)
rl rustless (galvanised)
cp chrome plated
ss stainless steel
Hubs Flange size and axle type is indicated as follows:
sf/lf small flange front / large flange rear
qr quick-release

BRAKING The following abbreviations describe the type of brake:
lpc Low-profile cantilever: arms near to vertical.
mpc Mid-profile cantilever: arms raised to between 30 and 60.
wpc Wide-profile cantilever: arms stick out sideways.
sp Sidepull brake.
cp Centrepull.
bcp Brazed-on centrepull (e.g. U-brake).

Features The following abbreviations indicate the provision of quick-release and cable adjustment features for front/rear brakes.
Q Quick release A Adjuster
b on brake itself h on hanger
c at some point on cable l on lever
Thus if both levers have a quick-release facility but there is an adjuster on the front hanger only the code is: QlAh/Ql.


Frame: 531 Designer Select. Features: Fa130 D/D Cr Ls Pt 2B. Clearances: 44/44.
Wheels: Continental Top-Touring 32-622 tyres, Mavic M3CD 15mm rims, 36x3 DT 14/15g dbss spokes, Shimano LX qr hubs.
Transmission: Shimano LX 170mm crankset, mechs & pedals, HG freehub (26,36,46 x 12,14,16,18,21,24,28T), Sedisport chain, 105 dt shifters, unit bottom-bracket, Specialized plastic clips & Christophe straps.
Braking: Shimano 105 short reach levers, Shimano LX lpc brakes. Features: Ah/Ah
Steering & Seating: Cinelli 64 38cm bars & 1A 75mm stem, Primax headset. Avocet Touring 1 saddle on Specialized seatpin.
Accessories: ESGE guards, modified Karrimor steel carrier, Milremo pump, Cyclo bag loops (no room for bag!).


Frame: 531ST. Features: V135 D/D Cr Ls B. Clearances 55/67.
Wheels: Specialized Nimbus 1.15 (30-559) tyres, Campagnolo Stheno 16mm rims, 32x3 14g pgss spokes, Shimano LX qr hubs.
Transmission: Shimano MJ 160mm crankset, HG freehub (24,34,42 x 12,14,16,18,21,24,28T), Shimano chain, Altus C10 mechs, RX100 dt shifters, unit bottom-bracket, anonymous pedals, Lapize clips & leather straps.
Braking: Shimano Exage Motion levers, LX mpc brakes. Features: QlAh/QlAh.
Steering & Seating: SR Road Champ 40cm bars & alloy 65mm stem, Shimano headset. Selle San Marco Fox gel saddle on Gipiemme seatpin.
Accessories: Poker guards, alloy carrier.


Frame: 531 Designer Select. Features: V130 S+/D M Cr Ps 2B. Clearances 50/50.
Wheels: Avocet Cross 1.25in (35-559), Mavic M231 PSP 17mm rims, 36x3 14/15g dbss spokes, Shimano DX hubs.
Transmission: TA Cyclotouriste 160mm crankset, HG freehub (28,38,48 x 12,14,16,18,21,24,28T), Sedisport chain, Shimano DX mechs, SL-A550 shifters, Kajita unit bottom-bracket, SR100 pedals, plastic clips & leather straps.
Braking: Shimano 105 short reach levers, XT mpc brakes. Features Ah/Ah.
Steering & Seating: Cinelli Giro d'Italia 40cm bars, XA 75mm stem, Stronglight A9 headset. Avocet Gelflex W20 saddle on Shimano DX seatpin.
Accessories: Poker guards, Blackburn carrier, Zefal SP2 pump, 2 Blackburn cages.


Frame: 531 Designer Select. Features: V130 D+/D M Cr Lc Pb 2B Dy. Clearances: 53/50.
Wheels: Hutchinson HP 28-584 tyres, Mavic M4 19mm rims, 36x3/40x4 ACI 14/16g dbss spokes, Miche Superfast sfqr hubs.
Transmission: Stronglight 106T 165mm crankset, Sachs Aris freewheel (28,43,51 x 13,15,17,20,23,26,30T), Sedisport chain, Huret front & Sachs New Success mechs, Sachs New Success dt shifters, Stronglight Competition bottom-bracket, Lyotard 23 platform pedals, Christophe clips & Leather straps.
Braking: CLB small levers with modified Diacompe hoods, Shimano Deore II mpc brakes. Features: Al/Al.
Steering & Seating: 3T Tour de France 38cm bars, 3T Record (AR) 6cm (=55mm) stem, Stronglight A9 headset with height extender locknut. Selle Italia Ladies Anatomic saddle on ITM seatpin.
Accessories: ESGE guards, custom-built expedition carrier, Soubitez dynamo lighting, Vistalite, 2 bottle cages, Bluemels pump.


Frame: 531C/Designer Select. Features: V130 S/D M Cr Ls. Clearances: 53/51.
Wheels: Continental Top-Touring 32-622, Alesa 913 13mm rims, 32x3 14/15g dbss spokes, Campagnolo Centaur qr hubs.
Transmission: TA Cyclotouriste 160mm crankset, Sachs Aris freewheel (30,44 x 13,15,17,20,23,26,30T), Sedisport chain, Campagnolo Icarus mechs, Shimano bar-end shifters, Stronglight unit bottom-bracket, Campagnolo OR pedals, Christophe plastic clips, Silva straps.
Braking: Shimano 600 (reach shortened) levers, anonymous (customised) mpc brakes. Features: none.
Steering & Seating: 3T Super Competizione 37cm bars, Custom-built stem, Stronglight X12 headset. Selle Italia Lady Turbo saddle on X-Lite seatpin.
Accessories: ESGE guards, Islarack carrier, Zefal bottle & cage, Zefal SP2 pump.


Frame: 531 Designer Select. Features: Fa130 D/D M Cr 2B. Clearances: 51/45.
Wheels: Continental Top-Touring 32-622 tyres, Mavic 3D Argent 15mm rims, 36x3 DT 14g pgss spokes, Shimano DX qr hubs.
Transmission: TA Cyclotouriste 162.5mm crankset, HG freehub (26,38,48 x 13,15,17,20,23,26,30T), Sedisport chain, Shimano DX mechs, RX100 dt shifters, Campagnolo bottom-bracket, Campagnolo OR pedals, Christophe D clips & Specialized nylon straps.
Braking: Shimano 105 levers (bent closer to bar), 400CX lpc brakes. Features: Ah/Ah.
Steering & Seating: 3T Forma 38cm bars, Custom-built stem, Shimano 600 headset. Terry ATB saddle on Specialized seatpin.
Accessories: ESGE guards, Pioneer alloy carrier, bottle cage.


For an explanation of the measurements see the table and diagram below. The most important dimensions for rider fit - frequently referred to in the main report - are the frame stand-over height HT and reach RE. The latter is the horizontal distance between the centre of the handlebar and the centre of the seatpin (with the handlebar at its lowest position). To measure the reach of your own bike, first measure how far your handlebars are above the ground (at the point where they go through the stem) and make a mark on the side of your seatpin at the same height - raise the saddle if necessary so as to expose a bare section of seatpin.

Wt The figure in kg has been corrected to a 'standard' touring specification (to include: mudgaurds, rear carrier, pump, one bottle and cage, but no lights) by adding or subtracting the average weight of any missing or additional accessories.

Meaning of measurements (see diagram)
FS: frame size
HT: stand over height
RE: reach to bars
BH: bottom bracket height (to center of BB)
FL: frame length (effective top tube length)
SA: seat tube angle
HA: head tube angle
TR: trail
WH: wheel diameter (including tire)
CR: crank length
FC: front centre (centre of BB to front axle)
RC: rear centre (chain stay length)
WB: wheelbase (rear axle to front axle)
Wt: weight

geometry diagram
DY 44177157268 50577.572.150686 170596429101412.6 21 25-104
OGM 45187057258 50873.371.552618 160561412 96811.9 21 21-85
GL 46187254265 47075.070.851630 160552415 96212.021 25-99
TO 48197256254 51073.071.058640 165562448100112.3 21 24-99
IB 48197457268 50977.571.265686 160598424101112.014 27-91
ROB 47197257262 50275.270.762686 163583423 99312.5 2123-100
DG 49197664274 55974.071.864686 170611443104513.321 25-100
CAN 49197357266 52476.372.256688 170 598 454 1040 12.6 1825-104
MER 48197558280 52275.571.554678 170601428102212.0 1231-88
RR 51207660268 53774.071.059680 170603437103012.9 2127-107
RT 51207760272 54176.071.071686 165615440104512.6 1227-89
WIL 52217859270 53873.671.756686 165595443102712.0 1820-93

Key to bikes
Dave Yates (custom) DY
Orbit Gold Medal C10 OGM
George Longstaff (custom) GL
Tony Oliver (custom) TO
Islabike (custom) IB
Roberts (custom) ROB
Dawes Galaxy (Anne) DG
Cannondale (Cathy) CAN
Mercian KoM (Isobel) MER
Raleigh Royal RR
Roy Thame (Pat) RT
Wilkins (Helen) WI


Bio-Racer UK no longer has a UK office, though their service may still be available through some UK shops.
Islabikes, 5 Watery Lane, Wordsley, Stourbridge, DY8 5SH; tel: 01384 485160
George Longstaff Cycles, Albert Street, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, ST5 7JF; tel: 0782 561966.
Tony Oliver no longer produces bikes.
Orbit Cycles, Unit 18, City Rd Trading estate, 295 City Road, Sheffield, S2 5HH; tel: 0742 756567.
Roberts Cycles, 89 Gloucester Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2DN; tel: 081 684 3370.
M Steel Lightweight Cycles, Old Northumberland Yard, Howdon, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, NE28 6ST; tel: 091 234 4275.

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